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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

spinning and rain

With so much rain there does not seem to be much else to do than spin, spin, spin. I have just finished these two. I decided to branch out into greens and this is what I came up with. I really like the colour combination and how it turned out.
Then on the weekend I went to a spinning workshop and ended up with this purple and tencle. I really like the tencle but it was not so soft on the hands to spin. This is a lot more purple, the photo does not seem to show that up.
Atleast with all this rain there are some blooms of colour out in the garden to cheer us all up. The rain does not seem to have upset these lovelies. And I even have a red rhododendron out at the moment. I think this is totally the wrong time for this one but who cares, it makes me happy evcery time I see it. I hope everyone else has equally as nice things in their gardens to make them happy as it still continues to rain.
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Sunday, August 16, 2009

a little trip

I have just had a litlle trip away. And I do mean a "little" trip. I went away up to the north of the state for a few days. Left the kids behind and had the tables turned as I was the child travelling with my parents. We headed off for the north to celebrate a relatives 100th birthday.
I could not think of a better reason to celebrate. This is the only person I know who has reached such a great age. I even got to see the letter from the Queen, the Govenor General and the prime minister.

During the trip I got to meet 2paw and had a great chat with her. She had so kindly copied a missed episode of grand designs for me. And I must say I did love the house design. She also was so kind as to have made me a fab bag, and inside Truffles. YUMMMMMM. I am so in admiration of people that can sew, and 2paws bag was so cool. Thankyou.
I had a really nice stay away and on the way home we stopped off for a relaxing walk in the Tamar Valley wetlands. It is all board walked and is edged by reeds.

This wetland has a huge array of bird life, not that I was quick enough to photo many of the birds but here I have taken a photo of their footprints in the mud flats. There were black swans, geese, red hooded plovers(tiny birds that race around), hawks etc. It was such a beautiful walk with so much to look at. There was also loud frog croaks and bird calls to accompany me on my walk.

This is the final destination, a little island in the middle of the river. I didn't have enough time to stop for a picnic on this trip, but have done so in the past. Ahhh a really relaxing way to finish off a good little trip.
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Thursday, August 6, 2009

New arrivals

It has taken me a week to post this as I will explain as I go . BUT last thursday morning I woke to two new and absolutely adorable lambs. At first I only saw one but both ewes had a little white lamb at foot. We had all waited expectantly to see if our brown sheep would give us a brown lamb. I dont think you could get much whiter.
This is the first lamb for milo, she was a little skinny but ever so cute. She has the genes to be a really good wool sheep.
Here is our other lamb. A little boy I think we will name blackie as he has a black dot on his nose.

After watching these cuties for a while and feeding the mums I thought it was time to head off for my spinning day. I was so excited I told everyone the great news. When I left spinning, heading to parent help at school I decided to quickly dash home and drop my wheel off. As I drove down the drive I slowed down to catch a sight of the lambs. To my complete horror I saw two large brown hawks or eagles attacking a lamb. So I jumped out of the car and raced over to the paddock saying not very nice things about the birds. The poor lambs eye had been pecked and it was still alive and thrashing about. I went into rescue mode and bundled it up, raced it into the house and wrapped it up, tried to warm it up and started looking for the lamb formula and lamb jumper.
I decided it needed more help than I could give it and raced it off to the vet. They were not too optomistic about survival, but gosh you have to try. I refused putting it down and the vet gave it oxygen, antibiotics, fluid etc. And an hour later I took it home.
I penned up the mum and expressed milk, which the lamb drank. Yaaaaah I though it seems to be doing really well. But alas It died at 7pm.
As much as I know it is only nature for birds to do this I was still devistated to actually see them attack such a vunerable little animal. Ireally did not know if I wanted to go through this ever again. It all just seemed so unfair. And this was my good wool sheep.
Maybe when I grow up I will be better able to cope with this. Death itself is not the issue with me, It is the pain and suffering inflicted that I find so hard to deal with.
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