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Friday, January 8, 2010

New beginnings for the new year


With the beginnings of the start of the year and thoughts of out with the old and in with the new I found this site in the city the other day. This is one of those times when the old and the new must stand together. I really love these old sandstone buildings, I think it is a shame that progress has to change the environs of such lovely buildings. Checkout the tassie tiger on the top of the building.


This is one of my favourite roses in my garden and I have been so pleased to see that for some reason the possums have left my roses alone this season. Having roses fully bloom and then drop petals on my bush is something of a novelty for me to watch.


And talking of possums. After all these years of living here and being dissapointed each season when the wildlife has got into the garden and eaten more than they should, I decided to buy a little hot house. I have been so impressed by its anti-possum etc properties. I keep going up to see these wonderful plants. The frogs also think it is a great place to hang out. The smell of fresh(real) tomato plants and the sight of frogs must be high on my list of things That I love.

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year

I wish evryone a happy new year. This post I am sorry to say I have not got around to adding any photos, yet, hope to do it later.
I have had a great christmas with family and lovely food. But with the good also comes a few trials to overcome. On christmas day, while cooking the lunch I was drawn outside by one of our dogs only to find our beloved cat struggling about and unable to get up. We moved him up stairs to the bathroom and tried to make him as comfortable as possible. I checked for snake bite, ticks and any wounds but could not find any. I had to race back to the lunch and finish cooking.
We had a great lunch and we talked to our vet who thought it was a stroke. He told me he may recover, or he may not.
The next day we all packed up and headed off for the beach, Having to seperate the dogs and our poor cat in the car. We had a great enclosure for the cat so he could be outside for the holiday. But in the morning he had dissapeared. I could not believe that our boy had enough strength let alone escape from his enclosure. We put up posters, asked neighbours but there was no luck. I thought I would not see him again and he had dragged himself away to die.
That night before heading to bed I thought I would search again, just in case. And there came a cry from his enclosure. He had returned. I was totally baffled. Not only did he vanish but he also turned up again. I have no idea where he went, why he did not answer our calls and how he found his way around an unfamiliar place.
I tried not to think about it too much but to just be thankful he returned.
He is doing so much better now, he can walk by dragging his back leg a little and has a little movement in his tail, but his purr is as loud as ever.

Not wanting to be left out the poor dogs who had a great holiday playing backyard cricket, running on the beach and swimming decided to get tummy bugs at the end of the holiday. And poor little pepper was not able to keep his food down either. The old girl seems to have missed this bug though.