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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

More brown yarn to come

I have been slowely been making my way through milos last fleece. Brown is not my favourite colour so i seem to take longer to get through the fleece, so easy to find other things to distract me. As usual i have been knitting and weaving in between times.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Bishopstone yarns

I have been spinning and adding to my yarn stash. These ones have gone into the shop for sale. Now to decide on what to spin next.

Friday, December 8, 2017

We are in the pink

My latest weaving has moved over to the pink side. This one will be a light weight wrap but it will still need to be fulled after finishing.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

tassie felting fun

The Tassie felters had their August meeting where we looked at making our art bra's for our entry into the wearable art section for the Hobart Show.  There was such a range of bra's and they all looked so good. Keep an eye out for them at the show.

viking leg wraps

I have been weaving some viking leg wraps for my son. This is to finish off his viking outfit for SCA.  I have a new 4 shaft floor loom and this project is a good one to start on as it is a simple weave.

The wool comes from my sheep and has been dyed with turmeric. At first I wanted to add a rolled edge to the weaving but after much searching online and talking to other weavers I couldnt find an easy way to add this to the work. This was something often found in Finnish weaving from the viking era. I guess they would have been hand manipulated weave on a weighted loom.  It may be a project for later on.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Royal Viking event

On the weekend Ynys Fawr held a Royal Viking Event. I thought I should take a photo of Erlandr before he headed into his first heavy fight. Just incase we never saw him again.

But he fought valliently and I was a very proud mum to see him in combat, and enjoying the experience.

The Baron and Baroness happy to finally be inside after a freezing day of watching over their subjects.

The hall was decorated viking style, and then it was feast time. Yum, yum , yum.

Carved and decorated vuking hoard made from chocolate and sugar.

I just loved the sugar snowflakes, but I may have eaten a few too many.

The remains of the hoard after the King took to it with a viking axe, much to everyones delight. Needless to say we all ended the night on a sugar high.

HWSD Guild exhibition

Two years can roll around very quickly. The Hand weavers, spinners and dyers of Tasmania exhibition was recently opened in BUrnie by our president Eva. It was great to see so many items in the exhibition and such a DIVERSITY ( as the title of the exhibition says) of works. It is always hard to do an exhibition justice just by taking photos but I will share a few that I took.

A woven piece called Flow, by me.

Felted hats by Strattie.

Audrey, my stylised flower.

Irene wearing her woven jacket which features on the exhibition brochure.

A woven and threaded piece by me.

Felted lamps by Strattie

One of my favourite pieces of felt and emboidery  

I just loved these hats.

Some of those members who put in many hours putting the exhibition together.

This felted and natural dyed , using pepper bush neclace was the winner of the first time exhibitor award.

This piece was woven by a first time exhibitor who I believe is in her 90s. She used wire tho create this stunning work.

A stunning dyed piece by Di Mcpherson