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Friday, July 24, 2009

Handspun for sale

Multi blue merino mix
skein 11om approx $15
skein 80m approx $12
skein 106m approx $15
skein 116m approx $15(Pending) plus postage
Aqua merino mix
skein110m approx $15
skein 210m approx $30 plus postage

Red merino mix
skein 46m approx
skein 46m approx
$30 plus postage
Rainbow Border Lester and cotton thread.
skein 144m approx.
skein 82m approx. $30 plus postage
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winter rest

This pretty well much describes us all at the moment. Tired, tired, tired. Number 1 child and dog were happily asleep on the couch last night. Little pepper started sleeping on top of number 1 then decided he was not close enough so he then snuggled in between the couch and number 1's back.
There has been so much rain over the last weeks that it is hard to get outside and play without getting covered in sloppy mud. So we are all just waiting for some sunshine to dry up the ground so we can all enjoy going outside again. And I cant wait until the dogs can play outside without getting totally wet and muddy. Lets hope it dries up before any lambs decide to arrive.
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Monday, July 20, 2009

Signal Station

This lovely house is now the signal station cafe and it was the perfect place for a morning tea break after an early morning soccer game for boys.
There used to be a number of signal stations along the river. Each signalling to the next to tell of the arrival of ships, and of course the occasional convict escape. FRom this one you can see all the way down the river to the mouth of the river and then back up into town. Luckily the rain had stopped on Saturday so we were able to sit in the glassed in verander and enjoy the view. So very nice after standing on the frosted grass for an hour.
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Monday, July 6, 2009

A wonderful day

This day has started in such a good way that it is surely telling me something. After a weekend of rain, rain and rain( you would think there was not anything left in those clouds anymore) I was really pleased to see the sun shine through the clouds today.
After encouraging myself to get to the pool this morning, Monday always seems hard work in the water, I was really glad I talked myself into it. I always find the water leaves me relaxed and slightly happier. I must be a true water child.
So what a great surprise I got as I arrived home to find sunshine, blue sky and as I walked to the house I looked up to the sky to see one of our local Wedge tailed eagles gliding right over my head. He was very low and glided right over my head. What a sight.
I just stood and watched him until he disapeared behind the trees. Oh to be a bird.

Atleast with all this rain some of the plants in my garden are happy.I just could not resist the following photo.
Lets hope my friend here brings you a smile or two, it can be found smiling at all those who drive behind me.
And I thought I would share this with you. This lovely house is one that an ancestor of mine once lived in in a small town called Pontville. I went there with my parents to celebrate my dads birthday. We had a really yummy meal at the local pub. The scallops were just lovely, and then we went for a little stroll to the small cemetery where we discovered that the family grave stone had been restored by the historical society. So good to see.
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