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garden man
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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

more snow photos

 You cant have snow without making a snow angel

The skull beanie kept my son warm, but the chicken was a bit unsure of what to do.

a day of snow

 Much fun was had yesterday as we woke to a blanket of snow across our place. Snow very rarely falls and settles here so it was very exciting for everyone. The snow fell as low as to settle on some of the nearby beaches. I'm not so sure that my plants were as happy about it as we humans were.

 My netted orchard almost snapped under the weight of the snow, a few branches from the apricot tree did get broken off. But what a fantastic sight.

felting fun

I have been having lots of fun felting lately. Each month I go along to the Tassie felters group and we try out new techniques and have some fun.
Above is one of my cracked mud pieces and below is my felted picture, before embellishment.

And below is the same picture after I added some embellishment and on the left is some homework from the group. We were all given small pieces of felt in various colours and shapes and we had to come up with a finished piece. Mine is the circle of life. Who would have thought felting was so much fun.