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Monday, September 26, 2011

bicheno weekend

I have just spent a lovely, relaxing weekend at the beautiful seaside village of bicheno. It was the Hand Weavers and Spinners Guild of Tasmanias annual weekend. There were about 50 ladies and a handful of men. There was lots of spinning, knitting and lots of talking and laughing going on. I always love to see what others have been doing and making. It is always so inspiring.

The theme this year was socks. I did the sock blank workshop. The wonderful Vicky and Sheree took this and I would like to to say a huge thankyou to them for all their hard work in making the blanks. Mine is on the right, my mum's on the left. The theory with mine is that I should get a row of black and then a row of colour when I knit my socks up. I have started and am really pleased to say it has worked. The blank is 120 stitches wide and 185 rows long. Then I used an old patons sock pattern that uses 60 stitches. I am happy to say it works for me. But as all knitters have slightly different tension it may be different for others. Iwould like to try a blank 240 stitches wide and get two rows of black, two rows of colour. I will post photos when I have knitted some more of my sock.

Here are some of the socks people brought along to share. The variety was amazing.

I also did a little workshop run by Kim. These are fibre swap cards. Kim is in a group where they do a monthly swap with hand made cards. The range was huge. Mine is second from the right on the bottom row.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lower crackpot

Here are some more photos from our recent trip to the promised land. We went to a place called Tasmazia where there are 8 mazes to find your way around. We had lots of fun and took quite a few wrong turns. There was also a long list of things to find on our trip as well, and I am happy to say we found them all. I was worried I would not sleep that night if we could not find all the items on the list, I do like to finish what I have started.

This place even has its own post office with certified stamps and post code. Very cool.

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Monday, September 19, 2011

servas peace picnic

Yesterday we spent a lovely and relaxing afternoon on parliament lawns having a picnic with new and old friends. For many years we have been involved in a peace based travel organisation, called SERVAS where people can come and stay with us for a few nights as they travel, sharing their culture and lives with us.
International peace day will soon be upon us and so we decided to have a local get together outside to help celebrate world peace. Over the years we have met some fantastic people and I have learnt alot about areas of the world I have never visited.

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Friday, September 16, 2011

promised land

We have just had a little holiday. we headed for the promised land for a few nights so we could take the children to Tasmazia.(more on that later) I had to take a photo of the sign so you would believe me, but I thought we just had to stay in the promised land.

Which is just down the road from No Where Else. ( I hope you can read the sign ) but that is really the name of this lovely rural area. I was amazed by how green and lush it was, but I guess that means it must rain alot there.
Apart from the name of this place, I wanted to go there because of a story my Dad tells of when he was a child. He and his father were out driving and as they a little lost my grandfather stopped at an intersection and asked my dad to go and see what the sign said. So out he goes and runs back to his waiting father.
So where are we? he answers Nowhere. His father not particularly amused tells him to get into the car and stop messing about. They drive on for a bit and arrive at another place. Same thing, my Dad jumps out looks at the sign and then comes back.
So where are we? And my Dad replies No Where Else. BY this time his father grumbles a few words under his breath and tells my Dad to get in the car while he goes to check the sign himself.
And now I can say I too have been to No Where Else. What a fantastic address to have.

This is the view of Mt Rollin from where we stayed. As the light changed so did the colour of the mountain.

This is a lovely house we passed in the town of Ross on our way home. I will post more photos of what we got up to later.
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Thursday, September 8, 2011

threatened species day

Yesterday was threatened species day. #3 child and I went to the site of the old Beaumaris zoo in hobart where 75 years ago the last know Tasmanian tiger, or Thylacine, died. The state was in the grip of economic crisis and unfortunabtely the animals at the zoo were low on the list when it came to help. The tiger was left outside for its last night, having to deal with the cold hobart weather along with starvation. I am sad that I never got a chance to see a real Tassie tiger but I have met people who have heard and seen then many years ago.
I have just finished reading Tiger in the bush by Nan Chauncy. This book is about a young boy and the secret he tries to keep about the almost extinct tiger. I loved the book as it took me back to my childhood years spent out in the Tassie bush. I must read for anyone interested in Tasmania, the bush of the plight of the tiger.

Lets hope the eastern barred bandicoot,the green and gold frog, the tassie devil, wedge tailed eagle, forty spotted pardolote and the hooded plover do not follow the same path as the tiger.
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