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Monday, November 30, 2015

open gardens #5

And then we moved on to the last garden. This was on a smaller suburban garden but the owner had used plants from the gondwana regions. So we got a chance to see a huge variety of native and unusual plants. The garden was very deceptive in the way that the space was used and brocken up into rooms as it felt a lot larger and had lots of interesting views.

And then we were well and truely ready for a sit down and something to eat so we headed to the patchwork cafe. This is next door to the huge antique shop. We had a lovely meal and listened to a fantastic jazz/blues duo singing on the lawn. Perfect way to top off a fantastic day.

open gardens #4

What an entrance, and what a hedge.

This house dates to the early to mid 1800s. Looking at the two old front doors I would say this used to be two cottages. Maybe for workers/ managers of the hops farms that grew around this place on the banks of the river derwent. New Norflok being a convict settlement where convict and settlers from Norfolk island were sent.

Closest to the house was the rose garden.

Dad disappearing into the garden. We didnt see him again until the bus came.

This plant , mock orange I think,had the most gorgeous sent as we passed by it.

There was a more structured part of the garden.

mum checking out part of the vegetable garden. A good sign of an old garden it this old clothes line, still one of the best types in my opinion and a n outside toilet.

A love a meandering path. Where will it take me? And will I be able to find my way back to the house?

Inside the massive hedge row at the front of the property and below an old ladder. I bet this must have lead somewhere interesting.

open garden #3

Then on to garden number 4. This lovely house reminded me of the house I grew up in so I instantly loved it. This garden included the only bomb shelter in the town of New Norfolk. I am pretty sure they never had to use it but it is always good to be prepared. See if you can guess where it is.

Yes you found it hidden behind all that ivy.

Mum resting and dad waiting for the mini bus to pick us up. While we waited I had a sticky beak at the house next door. Such a grand old house. The house we looked at would have been part of the old houses garden in days gone by.

open garedn #2

Then we moved on to look at two garedns on the banks of the Derwent. Both places had lovely jettys and large blocks.

I loved this outdoor area. It would be great for entertaining and the ferns in this ares were flourishing

 Down by the river. Remember to keep an eye out for unwanted visitors lurking under your seat.

derwent valley open gardens

On sunday i took mum and dad up to New Norfolk and we jumped onboard the mini bus for a tour of 6 wonderful open gardens. This house was built about 1820s and the garden was created by the owner as when she moved to the house the garden was horse paddocks. Under the roof you can still see the shingles at the verandah. There were also vegetable gardens and fruit trees.

Dad looking for a photo oportunity that may later become a painting.

I just loved the idea of having sinks with water outside. And right next to a large shed, ( ideas of felting space jumped to mind),  And every Tassie garden needs an outdoor toilet. This one was very charming. I have seen and used some that make you wonder how many spiders lurk next to you. I could have stayed here in this garden very happily but we had to move on.