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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

West Coast Fibre Arts Weekend

What a fantastic sight after such a long trip. It was great to arrive finally at Tullah for the west coast fibre arts weekend. We all stayed at the lakeside lodge and there was a huge range of demonstrations and workshops going on for the weekend.

The setting was just stunning.

And the work was even better. Felted hats by Carol Furlow

 Saori weaving by Valeri .

Felt by Strattie


Weaving by Micheal Kay.

Baskets by the Tasmanian basket makers

Strattie and Robs weighted loom. Just like the one seen on the tv series Vikings.

I just loved this felted frog.

Viv spinning art yarn and Valeri taking a break from her weaving.

More saori weaving from Valeri

Heading North

Last weekend I headed up north, spending a night in Ulverstone, a town on the north west coast . I was heading to Tullah for the West Coast Fibre Arts weekend. I was very tempted to go for a swim at this beach.

 I decided to stay in a B&B to break up the trip. This is Westella, built about 1860. It was decorated in period furniture and had a charm of its own. It was a really nice and relaxing stay.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

felted surface design

I have been having fun playing around with surface design on my felted samples. I came across some of Fiona Duthies felt work online and wanted to have a go at creating some surface design. I used a resist of different shapes and then cut them out to leave different shapes and deigns. 
I think some pieces will need some emboidery to finish them off. I had heaps of fun doing it and cant wait to do more. Fiona has a great website and online classes you can do so go and have a look at her stunning work.

A wander around Deloraine

This is the perfect town to wander around. Deloraine has historic houses, craft and art shops, a river in the middle and beauty in adundance.

Mum admiring the view of the river.

A reconstruction of an old trappers hut. Skins and all.

I love the homely touches over this fire place.

And so old buildings.

deloraine visit

A few weeks ago I went to the north of the state for a few days to the lovely town of Deloraine. While I was there I had to go and see the hand sewn silk panels. These four panels take up the entire wall of the auditorium and have been hand sewn using a huge array of materials and stitches . They depict the town and surrounding areas history. There was so much to see in each piece I could have stayed for hours.