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Monday, February 9, 2015

sun dye workshop

I went to a workshop on using sun dyes. Lisa Febey showed us what sun dyes were and how they can be used. Everyone fell in love with Lisa's beautiful work. She guided us beginners through the process and explained the ways in which we could turn a plain piece of cloth into a wonder to behold. Everyone rushed off to their work and dyes were painted, resists and plant pieces were placed over the material and then we let the sun do its magic. Anyone wanting some more info on sun dyes you can go to Lisa Waltons blog dyed and gone to heaven . She is such an inspiration when it comes to all things fabric related.
Nandroya studios was such a great space for our day of fun that I have to say a special thankyou to Joy for the use of her space nestled amongst their vineyard.   Stay tuned for my results in the next post.

shaving foam marbling

I did a mini workshop on shaving cream marbling. Pauline, one of the Guilds very talented and gifted members showed some of us at Judbury how to create a marbled affect on fabric by using shaving cream instead of water to hold the dyes. It was so much fun and so easy to do. There was very little mess and you can get a number of prints off a tray of cream.

dry point etching workshop

I have just done a four day workshop in dry point etching. The tutor was Deb Wace, a Tasmanian artist. Since I have not really done any printing before the whole workshop was exciting and new to me. I loved the process of scratching out the image onto acertate and then inking up and finally using the press to get the final print. I must admit that I did find it a bit messy, but that may have been me not being as carefull as I should have been.
Deb was a great teacher and very inspiring and she even entertained us with her fantastic singing voice.
Here are some of my pieces. I was happy for a first attempt and like the  double image ( a drawing of my daughter when she was about 2).

tassie felters

A new felting group called Tassie felters has started up in Battery Point and I went along for the first meeting of 2015.
The topic was felt samples so we all watched a great demo by Jacqueline on how to make a felt sample then we were let loose on our wool. Everyone had lots of fun and created such diverse pieces.
Thanks Jacqueline for a great mornings work.