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Monday, December 29, 2008

post christmas

Well here we all are at the other side of christmas and woow. It all started with a pre christmas swim at the water hole. So relaxing and not too cold. Then christmas day with the rellies at our house. What a great day. i made cooked too much food, but it is christmas and it was good to have at the beach later on. I am so happy and lucky to have family that enjoys each others company. It was a really great day and we had some yummy pud and fruit meringues and ice cream cake.
Our family then had a few days at the beach. Not huge waves but enough to atch a few waves and give the new wetsuit a whirl. I am a convert. Wetsuits are the way to go for someone of my age that feels the cold. The beach and the water must be one of my all time favourite places. I could stay in the water for hour, just floating about and enjoying the waves.
The dogs had great fun checking out all the new dog friends that passed their way. For dogs that never see dogs pass there possie at home I reckon they must think it is dog heaven.
All this was served with a huge dose of backyard cricket, Just like when I was a child. Can I never get away from the game?
I hope you all had as enjoyable a christmas time as I have , and there is still more to come.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

st Lucia

Well we know it is getting close to christmas when we have the st lucia celebration. The kids were happy to go in the parade for atleast one more year. Each year I am so happy to see them being involved. There were lots of children there this year and of course the swedish choir was great as always. Not that I braved to sing in swedish. And then there was the wonderful lucia buns and hearts and stars. YUMMMY. Will I ever get to see the real thing again in denmark. I was thinking that we could try to arrange to be there for one of the festivals, for the children of course.

I must say that it is really starting to feel more like christmas now. We all went to the local carols, the tree has been chosen from my parents place and the boys decorated it. The advent candle is burning lower. BUt where is the warm weather. I even went out and bought a new wet suit for the summer but I am thiking I was a bit optimistic when it comes to the weather.
The only thing that we seem to have in abundance around here is crows. I saw a huge flock the other day. They settled in the dead tree and there must have been at least 100 of the things. The noise was just deafening. A little like something out of an alfred hitchcock movie. I can totally emphasise with the farmer of old when they really must have fortold a future of doom to those liking on the land.
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Monday, December 1, 2008

december has arrived

Well I have finished my argosy scarf and am actually blocking it at the moment. It is such a great design and I think Vyvyan Neel is a wonderful designer. I would love to have a go at doing one of her shawls or wraps. But this time I would really like to use a really colourful graduated yarn. I saw some great Noro the other day. So Maybe if I find some on sale I will get it. But where to get cheap wool is the eternal question.
But of course before I can start anything like that I have to finish this wrap. It is the Muir by Rosemary Hill. I have really wanted to try a lace pattern and I am really happy with this one. I just go slow and do it row by row. I will keep everyone updated as this goes. I was really inpressed with being able to knit this while on a knitting retreat out in the bush with some other wonderful ladies. How great is that, to get away and sit with a group of women all knitting and talking wool and patterns. Food for the soul.
Not only did december arrive today but it is also the start of our advent calendar. I had fun searching out the lollies to go in the treat bag. Now we are really on the count down for christmas.
And where would dinner be without the advent candle. And it is a "made in Denmark" candle. What more can I ask for? Well it is a small part of denmark in my house for christmas. Sad I know but it helps to know others that still decorate with danish christmas decorations. I have to try to decide how much time to spend on knitting and how much on christmas decorations. I just love this time of the year and making christmas decorations. I hope you all have a great december and let me know what you are making for your christmas.
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