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Saturday, October 31, 2015

sustainable livinf fair

Kerrie and I spent the day at the sustainable living fair demonstrating felting to anyone interested. We were there 4 hours and were kept busy the whole time. It was so good to see so many people interested in giving felting a go.

We were next to the Handweavers spinners and dyers guild and the wonderful Tasmanian basket weavers. How great to see so many talented women creating .

Thursday, October 22, 2015

SCA at the Hobart show

I spent the day at the Hobart show in the SCA (medieval ) Hall. They had the best display covering armour, costumes, dress ups foe the children and of course the sword in the stone. Not that I was able to free it. I demostrated some drop spindle spinning.

My viking son in the hand woven tunic I made him. They had demonstartion fights in both heavy armour and sword fighting, along with rapier.
Our Baroness explaining some of her fantastic lettering  work. 

Some members were invited to take part in the grand parade, showing off their costumes.

Hobart show 2015

It is that time again when the Hobart show rolls around.
 We set up the site at this years show for the Handweavers spinners and dyers Guild.Once again we had so many wonderful items to display. All we need now are the spinners and the public.

Japanese knots

 I recently went to a workshop on Japanese knots. A visiting lady from Japan showed us how to make hanging knots. These are traditionally used in Japanese temples or on kimono as decoration. Each knot has a special meaning.