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Saturday, April 24, 2010

korean knots


Recently I went to do a korean knot worshop. I had lots of fun as I really enjoy knotting and learning knew knots. We started with this cute dragonfly.


Then we moved on to the Dorae.


Which i have practiced and practiced over and over at home and am really impressed that I can still remember how to make the knot.
Now I am ready to move on to a new knot. I have tried to make the ring (which is like a small solid ball but had trouble getting it tight enough, Will need to practice more.
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Saturday, April 10, 2010


I must admit I love easter time. I always decorate the table and kitchen windows. I have some wonderful paper clips my danish sister made for me. And now I have taken over from Mum in making the easter bunny marshmallows. But I was not so sure about the way my children decapitated them. hmmmmm I hope they have embraced my love for nature, but you cant help but wonder at such times.



I hope everyone had a good easter break.
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Sunday, April 4, 2010

when in doubt spin


What a busy few weeks I have had. Gerry had an accident and broke 12 bones. He had surgery to plate and pin some of these and he is now hame and on the mend but I have been busy doing mum and dad things. And of course when in doubt about what to do you spin. Well it works for me. So I decided to sort out my fleece stash and the excitement of that is you find things you have forgotten about.
I spun and plyed these two different brown alpaca fleeces I found. Cant remember where they have come from.


Then I found some hand dyed wool I did ages ago with food color and plyed that with alpaca.


Then came the silk I had bought at the bothwell spin-in. It is "spring" and of course I plyed it with alpaca.


Then lastly I found some left over green wool from a dying workshop I went to and , you guessed it, I plyed it with some more alpaca. Now with all this alpaca plyed you would think that would be the end of it but NO. I have found even more alpaca, so that is my next spinning adventure.
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