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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Royal Viking event

On the weekend Ynys Fawr held a Royal Viking Event. I thought I should take a photo of Erlandr before he headed into his first heavy fight. Just incase we never saw him again.

But he fought valliently and I was a very proud mum to see him in combat, and enjoying the experience.

The Baron and Baroness happy to finally be inside after a freezing day of watching over their subjects.

The hall was decorated viking style, and then it was feast time. Yum, yum , yum.

Carved and decorated vuking hoard made from chocolate and sugar.

I just loved the sugar snowflakes, but I may have eaten a few too many.

The remains of the hoard after the King took to it with a viking axe, much to everyones delight. Needless to say we all ended the night on a sugar high.

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2paw said...

Oh I had a little laugh at the going off to battle comment!! That's a fabulous cake, wow!!