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Thursday, March 31, 2016

illuminated felt lights

 I went to a workshop on making illinated felt lights. It was run by Strattie, one of our wonderful felters from the west coast. For a change for most of us we used corridale for the felting so we could create a stronger finished product. The workshop was held at Joys wonderful Nandroya studio surrounded by their vineyard.

 There are various styles and designs that can be made by these felted lights.

 And these are some photos of works in progress.

upwolfing felt at the Tassie felters

This March at the Tassie Felters group we were luck enough to have a visit from Strattie who is one of our west coast members and the creater of the west coast fibre arts weekend. She showed us what upwolfing is all about. This is a felting technique created by dutch felter Irene Van Der Wolf which creates 3d texture on the surface of the felt. 

 A foam mat is used which has small holes in it, these are where the texture is created.
 Strattie explaining to Kerrie about the process. And some flowers while they were still being shaped. We used upwolfing for the central stamens.

 And for some light relief Jaqueline brought in her Ze-Bra she had made previously to help inspire us in thoughts of creating a piece for later in the year.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

judbury crafters

On Monday the Judbury crafters met for their monthly crafting and chatting. Here are some of the things that people had brought along.

Lesley working on her felt flowers and Valerie talking in the background. Below is one of my felted pieces.

A lovely felted bag made from left over felt

Still talking.

And lots more show and tell.