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Sunday, November 16, 2008

a few photos to share

Well take a clos look at this cute face as from tomorrow on he will be looking more like a black rat after he has his clip from the professional groomers. After all my home done cuts I thought he deserved a good job, and wont he look great.
Thiught I should add some more of my knits. This vest is made from some silk wool my mum gave me along with the pattern. I am not really all that happy with the way it has stretched. I have more yarn left but cant think of what to make with it.
This is the back of a vest I made for my hubbie. It was based on a Kaffe F design. I lined it with charcoal fabric. I really like it and it looks great on.
Another cardi. You can never have too many.
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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A garden to remember

These rhodos are from my grandmas garden and even though we have a problem with soil and water out here these plants have continued to flower ever year for me. They are getting pretty old now and they remind me of my grandmas garden and her love of the out doors. They have pride of place on the "rhodo hill".
I should remember never to grumble about how slowely my garden does grow, because as we all know all good things take time to grow and take root before eventually setting seed. This is the best time of the year to be out in my garden as it is full of so much bright colour and that means it is filled with love.

Rememberance iris

As it was rememberance day here yesterday I thought I would share with you my rememberance iris. This was given to me by a family member who died recently and it is the perfect way for me to remember him. As I walk around my garden I can see and enjoy many plants that have been given to me by people that have been dear to me but have died. I really cant think of any better way for me to remember and cherish those people and their memories.
I was in the supermarket yesterday at the checkout when it was 11 on 11th of 11, and was really touched by the total respect everyone had at that minute. Everthing stopped in the shop, everyone was silent and I was touched that there is still so much humanity left in all of us that we can stop something important and just remember those that have come before us.
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Monday, November 10, 2008

New seasons

Well it seems like the time for starting new things, not just for me but the animals too. The swallows have arrived and started their new nest. I must say I was a little worried at first with their choise of places for their new home. It was right above the laundry door on the back verandah, where the dogs roam. But they dont seem worried about the dogs at all and the sparrows have alreaddy made nests at the other end of that part of the verandah and also restarted their old nest on the front verandah. Anyway as the swallows started their nest in their strange place I was worried by their youth and a nest that looked very muddled, but as time passed I must admitt they have now made a really good looking nest. They are now starting to line it with chook feathers and hair from the labradoodle. It should be really cosy. I cant wait to see the new chicks.

The sparrows are always good at their nests and they seem to love this conical nest spot in the join of the front verandah. The air is alive with the sound of birds. Ahhhhh what a great time of year.

With all this new building going on I had to start some new knitting. But where to start. So I decided to start by going through all my wool and then try to decide on a pattern for each wool group. So I have decided on a lace shawl for my merino two ply, but after many hours searching for patterns I still am undecided about what I should choose. Since this is my first lace shawl I want to make something nice and with a pattern. Has anyone got any ideas????? But while I try to decide I have started the "ARGOSY SCARF" by Vyvyan Neel.
I really love her designs but of course my wool is not graduated like hers, so I thought I would start with this wool my mum had spun years ago and then if I like the look I could make another one in graduated wool.

And of course the possums have now found our apple trees and eaten most of the leaves. What can you do? We have a fence and an electric line but if they are hungry they must be flying in for a feed, maybe it is their way of saying we want more cat food.

argosy scarf

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sparrow nest

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swallows nest

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Saturday, November 1, 2008

a busy week

Well time has been passing quickly. WE had our second weekend beach trip for the long weekend. The surf is up. I dont know who enjoys the shack break more, the parents, the kids or the dogs. Of course the dogs had great fun running on the beach, swimming and chasing sticks. And of course the huge window view of the dinner table.
I took my cardi with me and almost got it finished while away. But it is finished now and I have to decide what my new project will be. Ohhh where to start. Do I made something to wear, a toy or a tea cosy.

And HALLOWEEN . woowh it was great. The house was decorated by a mum with too much time on her hands, the pumpkins cut out, the costumes ready. Then there were the kids, it was great. all had a good time and ate lots of yummy food and talked lots. I have decided halloween is a great time of year.